Saturday, June 14, 2008

Central Line and Aunt Paula

Today was a big day for you! First thing this morning you had your first surgery to insert a central line. You have some abnormal tracheal anatomy so they had a tough time intubating you, but they eventually got it. I wasn’t there this morning during your surgery…Daddy and I were at home. But your Grammy sat there while you were in the OR and she told me the power went out for 8 minutes while you were in there. So the nurses had to hand bag you during that time. I am so glad I wasn’t there for that, because I probably would have panicked. But thank you Jesus for protecting you during that time! You did so well--it didn't take you much time at all before you started to wake up and squirm. No one could hold you because you were still intubated, and it was so hard for us to sit next to you and not be able to hold you while you were fighting the tube. But you did ok with us just holding your hands and talking to you and kissing on you. You also felt better when you were cuddling with your Lambie that the church brought you! You love that Lambie.

Today was also special because your Aunt Paula came to meet you! Since she used to work at Texas Women's, she knew the back ways into the NICU and had some connections, so Paula put on some scrubs and a good friend helped to sneak her in to see you! Aunt Paula--ahem, I mean Anesthesiologist Paula (wink, wink)-- and Daddy kept singing the Mission Impossible theme song--they thought they were so sneaky! We were so grateful Paula came down and spent some time with all of us--Saturday was such a good day.

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