Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Girl Time

Last semester, we all did Mother’s Day Out. I taught in the baby class with you and Liam for awhile, but Bub was driving me crazy with his clinginess, so we moved him next door. This semester, we decided it would be best if you and I stayed home while Liam goes to school. We all needed this.

I needed to miss him during the day.

He needed to socialize with friends and other adults.

You needed me all to yourself for a bit.

From the moment we dropped him off, you were jabbering away. I think you knew it was just us. You sure do love your brother, but everyone needs a break occasionally. We ended up running around with Aunt Shelby for the day, and you were ok with that. Your great mood carried over to the evening where you signed “mama” and “dada” repeatedly and told us everything on your mind.

Next week, I plan to bring you home while Liam is at school and work on stretching, standing, sitting, reaching…basically have PT/OT boot camp until you need to take a quick nap and we go pick him up. So rest up…my MDO’s are going to be your major workout days!

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Anonymous said...

Great plan, Amber! Audrey's sweet face greets me each morning as I turn on my computer at work....and a prayer for all of you is my first conversation with the Father.
Love you! Aunt Nelda