Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stinging Sensation

Your bottom is so sore. It makes you cry so hard that you get phlegmy and then gaggy (although so far nothing has come back up). We have ordered No Sting Barrier Films from our medical supply company, but so far they are having a hard time getting us the right brand. They keep sending similar products, but it really needs to be the ones by Cavilon. When they say “No Sting”, they mean no sting. These other wipes are alcohol based and even say on the wrapper, “Will sting if comes in contact with open sores.” Well your whole bottom is an open sore.

I was so desperate to make it better that I made a mistake. I let your bottom air out for a bit today, checking you every couple minutes to make sure you didn’t need a wipe down. After about an hour, things looked a little better. At least your bottom wasn’t weeping or bleeding anymore. So I thought, maybe, since you were calm I could try a wipe that was sent and you wouldn’t react as strongly as you would if I were just changing your diaper and you were already upset. My reasoning was that often when you get shots or blood drawn, you don’t really fuss because it was fast and before you really realized what happened, it was over. And I figured if a little bit of pain each diaper change for the next couple of days saves you a couple weeks of pain down the road, it might be worth it. So I got out the wipe, opened it, and was hit by the smell of alcohol. I swiped it across your bottom quickly and waited for your reaction. It was delayed, but it when it came, it was big and loud and angry. And the stupid part was these wipes don’t even create the type of barrier the No Stings do. All that for nothing. I’m sorry Boo. I won’t try them again. We will call Dr. L and get a box of No Stings to hold us over.

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