Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Daddy is taking the rest of the week off for a mini vacation. The original plan was to take some time off between Christmas and New Year’s in Galveston. They have the Festival of Lights which I thought you and Bubby would love. But since everyone got sick, it wasn’t worthwhile. This week, nothing fun is happening in Galveston so I thought about going to San Antonio. There is a fabulous special needs amusement park called Morgan’s Wonderland. Everything there is completely handicap accessible. I know you and Liam both would love it. Then we could have spent a day at Sea World (one of Mama’s faves) and a day at the zoo. Unfortunately, Morgan’s Wonderland and Sea World are both closed until early March. So those will have to wait a couple more months and a “stay-cation” it is.

We dropped Liam off at school this morning and headed out to get some things done, just you, me and Daddy. Like the old days. We went to Starbucks and visited a long time. We didn’t have to chase anyone around, so we were able to just sit and hold you. Then we exchanged some things at the store, saw Aunt Shelby and Papaw at the office, and went out to eat before we picked up Brother.

Daddy and I used to do everything together. Any little chore--pick up dry-cleaning, fill up on gas, run to the store for a couple items for dinner, rent a movie—we went together. When you were born, it just didn’t make sense to pack you up when one of us could go and be back before you were ready. While you are worth the sacrifice, we miss doing those little things together. But now being used to packing up two kids, I feel like it takes us no time to get either of you out the door. Plus, I think we are getting faster, or you are getting easier, because it just doesn’t seem to be as big a hassle anymore. So Daddy and I enjoyed spending time together getting the mundane things done. But we also missed Liam and were happy to pick him up when school was over. He might a lot of work, but he sure is entertaining!

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