Sunday, January 9, 2011

Milk...It will do your body good!

We started a new formula today called Elecare. It is supposed to be even more gentle than Neocate, and is made for someone over the age of one. Your Neocate is designed for infants and you just need some bigger girl food. The hope is that you will tolerate it better, we can up your daily caloric intake, and you can grow and thrive. At your checkup this week you weighed in at 15.91 lbs… with all your clothes on. And a dirty diaper. Girl. We have got to plump you up. Praying this is a step in that direction!

Here are your current growth charts. They are a little light, but we can make out the important parts.

Your head circumference actually makes it onto the chart, thanks to your hydrocephalus. It is still less than 3 percentile thanks to the microcephaly. (Ignore the obvious outliers...although you may prefer it, your head has not shrunk).

Here is length. Definitely still less than 3rd percentile, but you follow your own little curve quite nicely. (Again, you haven't ever shrunk. Length is particularly hard to measure on you since you ball up as soon as you get on the table).

Weight. See those tiny black dots on the very bottom left hand side? That's you, nowhere near on the chart. Tiny little shnook.

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Laura said...

Noah has been on Elecare since the hospital - even though he has a nearly normal diet, he still gets roughly 16 ounces/day. We're big fans. And the vanilla one smells like cake, so it even has a bonus for me. :)