Friday, January 7, 2011

Routine Check-Up

Hi Sweetness.

Yesterday we went to see Dr. L with Honey, and of course Liam. This is the first time we have seen Dr. L in 6 months! Truly amazing. It was a later appointment, supposed to start at 3:15. She had an early morning admission which set her behind all day, so we didn’t get to see her until closer to 5. But Dr. L is worth it. She really takes the time to sit, go over all of our issues, write the orders for all the tests, and supplies, and scripts. I feel like everything has been covered by the time we leave, and never feel rushed.

By the time we were finished the CCC side of the hospital was shutting down and we couldn’t get those tests she ordered taken care of. We will need to go back one day soon to have X-rays of your hips done, a new G-button, and draw blood for a cholesterol test. You did get two shots—flu and a routine immunization. As always you were as tough stuff. And, may I just say, beautiful.

Here you are right before we headed out. Mema bought you bows in each color for Christmas. Your hair is getting so long and curly!

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Aunt Shelby said...

That top picture...i think I've seen that pose in a magazine! Ahahah. Miss Model Audrey!