Saturday, January 29, 2011

Talking Tom

I just discovered you love the Talking Tom app on my iPhone. Tom repeats everything he hears, just faster and at a higher pitch. I downloaded it for Liam, who thinks Tom really is his pet cat. Every time Liam sees him, his face lights up and he yells “Hi!”—then Tom greets him back. They could talk forever. It didn’t occur to me until today that you would get a kick out of it too. So while I worked around the house, I set up my phone next to you and waited to see what happened. Of course, you thought he was hilarious. You can make him do things like drink milk or scratch the screen, or you can pull his tail, punch him, make him purr or cough up a hairball—just by touching the screen. These options make silly sounds and it is sensitive enough for you to do all by yourself. Ironically, you think it is funniest when he throws up the hairball. I thought you have heard enough of that sound for it to lose its charm. Maybe it is just funny that you aren't the one throwing up for a change.

I love that you can entertain yourself in this way. I am going to have to do some research to see what similar apps are available. We may have just opened up a whole new world for you!

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