Wednesday, July 2, 2008

July 1

I told the doctor this morning that Daddy and I decided on the G-Tube for you. We are trying to combine as many surgeries as possible, so right now the plan is for you to be transferred to TCH on Sunday for a Monday surgery. They will place the G-Tube and give you a colostomy and maybe Dr. Yen will check you out this week and consider doing your cataract surgery at the same time. I am not excited about the colostomy—I had thought that wasn’t going to be necessary. Tomorrow I will discuss why they feel this is best with the doctor.
Daddy didn’t get to visit with you this evening. He didn’t miss too much though. You refused to wake up to take your 9:00p bottle. This time you weren’t acting, you were completely out. I gave up after awhile and left while you were sleeping peacefully.


Brick Wall Motivation said...

You do not know me, yet I understand what you might be going thru. Our son, Kyle was born almost 3 months early and came in at 3 lbs. He was in NICU for close to 45 days and had complications. That was 19 years ago and Kyle is a normal teenage young man. I am saying this to help you, to give you hope. Find the comfort and support in family and friends. Seek God's face in this and rest in the knowledge that while it seems crazy to us down here, God has a plan up there.

seeking His will said...

Lord God,

Your power and majesty leaves us in awe...Father, we lift up our precious Audrey and her beautiful parents and ask for Your complete physical healing for Audrey and complete emotional healing for Brad and Amber. Lord we know that Audrey's birth is a gift to us all, but Audrey is the one truly blessed with the parents You have so graciously given to her!!! Please wrap Your loving, comforting arms around Brad & tight that they can physically feel You. Let them be reassured that You are in complete control and I pray that they seek You for every decision they make. Strengthen their marriage and give them time for each other!!!! Heal their hearts, wipe their tears and give them the power of Your Spirit so that they can watch You work, and see You glorified through Audrey!!!!

In the name of our blessed Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

We love you,
Shane & Lori