Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 25

We had another good day today! Your OT came this morning at nine and tried a different bottle to see if you would take it better…no such luck. It only gagged you and made you angry (I don’t blame you at all). We went back to the Haberman and you did better with that one. By the time our 25 minutes were up you had taken 10 CCs—that’s a big improvement from yesterday! I am very proud of you! Afterwards, your Grammy spent most of the day with you and said you kept everything down and had mostly slept.

I spoke with your doctor at 1:30 and she had some preliminary test results for us. Your chromosomes are normal—thank you Jesus! The doctors are still searching for a diagnosis, but a lot of syndromes have been ruled out. Your biopsy shows there may be Hirschsprung’s, but it is being sent of to TCH for a closer look. The important thing is you are doing so much better with your feeds since your surgery! You were moved up to 40 CCs per feeding at 3:00, so tonight they are taking you off your IV other than the saline with heparin to keep your surgical line clear. If you continue to handle your feedings and digest everything well, the doctor will take your line out in a few days! Then all we have to do is figure out how to get that bottle down and we can go home. I know it is such hard work, but it is the quickest way home so we have to practice. Otherwise the doctors will discuss us going home with a feeding tube…either in the nose or stomach depending on how long it looks like it will take to master the bottle or nursing. No matter what happens, we are shooting for you to be home within 2 weeks—that is ahead of the schedule we originally thought!

I missed you so much today. I had to leave the hospital unexpectedly in the morning and when I got back at 1:30, the nurses closed the unit at 2:00 for a stat surgery. We both are spoiled in spending the day together, my heart hurts when we are separated for too long. When Daddy and I came to see you in the evening, you had a new FISH mobile on your crib! You don't know it yet, but Mama really really really doesn't like that was ironic. Also a little ironic that you can't see the mobile, but what a sweet gesture from the hospital. Daddy and I took pictures next to you and your fishies of us making fish faces. You did a better job in our picture than I did!

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