Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 22

The food strike is over! You were fed for the first time in 9 days today—5 tiny CCs. It seems like such a small amount to me, but we have to start out slowly to see how your tummy takes it. You didn’t have any residuals…so it is already an improvement over the 4 CCs you were digesting every 3 hours before the surgery. I am taking that as a victory.

There are still no results on the genetics test or biopsy. I was told not to expect either for another couple of weeks. The best geneticist Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) has is on vacation and if he hasn’t diagnosed you yet, most likely no one else will be able to. As for the biopsy, we may get some preliminary results this week, but it will have to be sent on to TCH also. We are all learning patience through this process!

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