Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 26

This morning you met with a different OT--she was much more gentle with you so you took less milk (6 CCs). But you didn't throw a big fit or spit up--what a good girl! You were moved up to 50 CCs and are handling it so well. I suspect you have reflux and will need to go on medication but your digestive system is looking good. Dr. Bloss who did your anoplasty and biopsy told us on Friday that he doubted you had Hirschsprung’s--he said he only had seen one baby in all his years who had both Hirschsprung’s and anal stenosis. Today we found out you make baby number 2. That means another surgery down the road, but right now it is probably 6 months out. It isn't posing a problem and so the plan is to wait until you are a bit bigger. The better news I found out today is that when they remove your central line in a few days, you won't need any sedation at all! I was expecting them to put you under again so I am way excited now. You are still on track to come home within a couple weeks!

Grammy, Honey and Mema visited with you today, just like every other day. And your Granddaddy came today also! They all gave me good reports on you--everyone loves you so much.

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