Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7

Whew, what a day we had today! Early this morning we started the transfer process from Texas Women’s to Texas Children’s. It was bittersweet to leave Women’s—bitter because we know so many of the staff and families that we will miss, sweet because that is one chapter we are leaving behind to move forward. You are 4 weeks old today, and it was the first time you have ever been outside the hospital. There is such a huge world you know nothing about! When it was time to go, we didn’t get to ride with you in the ambulance since there wasn’t room with all the medical personnel. But they let Daddy and I know that you did not appreciate being in the sunlight. We were encouraged, hoping that means you have sight underneath those cataracts!

Once we got settled in, the doctors and nurses started prepping you for surgery a little after noon. We made sure everyone knew how difficult you are to intubate. The anesthesiologist didn’t seem to think she would have any difficulty, but assured us if she did they had other options, such as the LMA. Turns out she couldn’t make it work either! She called the ENT to come examine you and find out why everyone was having such a hard time. You would never guess what he told us! He said hat you had completely normal anatomy back there and the reason no one could do it is poor equipment and bad lighting! Your jaw being set back doesn’t help much either, but Dr. Duncan slipped your tube in without any problem! So now we know only to have surgeries on Monday and Thursday when Dr. Duncan is there to intubate you. And praise Jesus, you didn’t have any problem coming of the respirator right away.

As for the rest of the surgery, that went well also. When you came out of the OR into recovery, the hospital tried to page us, but we were out of range. So it wasn’t until a bit later when you were back in the NICU that I got to see you. Because of that, we haven’t spoken to the surgeon about the surgery yet, but tomorrow I will get details on how much of your intestine was removed. Your G-Tube was placed and should be ready to use in a day or two, and also your littlest finger was removed! Turns out they couldn’t just tie it off, so Dr. Minkus cut it off as an afterthought.

You were definitely uncomfortable and alert for a couple hours post-op. Your voice was hoarse from the intubation and was heartbreakingly sweet sounding. I hate that you feel so badly and I can’t hold you. Just like last time, we held hands and I laid my cheek down on yours and spoke softly in your ear until you stopped crying. Eventually they gave you some morphine which made you feel almost immediately better, and put you right to sleep. Tonight I pray you sleep sweetly until morning when I can be with you again.


Jeff Moran said...

Amber, I am praying for you all and especially Audrey. I am so glad the surgery went well. Her best medicine is your voice and touch. Audrey is so fortunate to have you and Brad as her parents.
Jeff Moran

Robyns said...

Amber and Brad and sweet little Audrey:
Amy Hester Martinez is my cousin and Kelly sent me a link to your blog. I will add you to our church prayer chain (Conroe UMC) and I will personally keep you all in prayer. Your story is so amazing and your faith is astounding...I cannot imagine what you are going through, but it is evident that God is walking with you each step of the way and healing your precious baby girl. I will keep checking your blogspot and know that Audrey will be healed.
Robyn Scharlach

D Monnich said...

Dearest Amber and Brad,
Our children in 5th grade JVBC Sunday school have been praying for your family and Audrey's swift recovery. What a blessing it is to know God is with you every step of the way. He knows how special you are to give such a beautiful little girl to your care. I am blessed to work with wonderful Prayer Warriors all over the US - they are all praying for Audrey and for you.
In Him,
Diana Monnich

diana savage said...

Wow. I look at your blog a few times a day. My heartbreaks for you everytime you have a setback. I may not know you personally but I know what it means to desperately love your baby. I try to imagine what it would be like; I have a 5 month old. I know though that this is something that is unimaginable. Keep strong. Your courage and friendship with you husband is beautiful to see.

Amie Leggett said...

Cousin Brad, Amber & sweet baby Audrey. You are in our thoughts and prayers, and I pray that you may FEEL the loving hands of prayer laid upon you. May God continue to give you strength! Our MOPS group at 1st Baptist Church in Georgetown prayed for you all at last nights meeting, and will continue to do so. Just know that you are loved and your prayer warriors are at work! Love you all,
Amie, Terry, Caden, Gage & Landry