Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11

Jesus loves you--this I know.

Before you were born, Daddy and I weren't far from living paycheck to paycheck. When we found out you were on the way, I panicked because I didn't have any health insurance. Daddy and I had only gotten married seven weeks before, and we hadn't yet signed me on to his plan. But God worked out a way; I was covered before the pregnancy was confirmed by the doctor and it wasn't considered a preexisting condition. Still there was the cost of diapers and supplies, baby furniture, maybe formula...babies aren't cheap! I knew God wouldn't give you to us and the not give us a way to take care of you. But as the weeks and then months ticked away, doubt crept in and I began to get anxious.

In the month before your birth it all came together. We got a large tax refund, stimulus check, I closed on two houses, and received a surprise inheritance check. With this money we paid my OB bill, prepaid the hospital for your delivery, outfitted your nursery, paid off our credit card debt and had a little extra to put towards savings. I was completely aware of how God provided for you financially. So why this weekend, when we were faced with another overwhelming expense, did I worry?

Your in home medical equipment is outrageously expensive--$2000 a month for a BP monitor, suction machine, G-Tube pump and ostomy bag supplies. Our insurance (although we are so grateful we have any at all) will only provide $1000 annually. That leaves Dad and I with a bill larger than our mortgage! All day I have been looking for another option, such as assistance programs or a way to move our insurance benefits around. No dice. The doctors decided we could do without the BP monitor as long as I go into the pediatrician several times a week, possibly daily, for you to be checked. That saves $700 monthly. The rest of the bill from that particular medical supplier is about $500 and will be covered by insurance for the next two months. A different medical supplier is renting us the rest of the equipment for $750. When I called to work out a payment plan, I was told the bill would need to be paid in full by 5:00 today if we wanted to go home tomorrow. I started to protest, requesting at least 24 hours to decide how to pay for it all. The lady put me on hold for so long I eventually hung up. But when she called back, she said the most amazing words I heard all day.

"It will be $150 a month, how would you like to pay?"

I needed her to repeat it. When she did, I didn't ask questions. I just said a stunned "Thank you Jesus!" and took care of the payment. Our out of pocket expenses for the next two months just went from $2000 to $150 in a matter of hours. This buys us some time to apply for a program which our case worker told us about and should provide an enormous help in the years to come. God is so good.

Tomorrow I take seven prescriptions to the pharmacy. Two are compounded and I have been told they won't be accepted by insurance. I am expecting a miracle.


Olivia said...

We have walked down the financial road as well. We have sold our house, made big changes, but it was never enough - YET - somehow we always make it! Isn't God amazing?! We are on several "programs" and have jumped through many hoops. If you need to talk to someone who has actually applied and are receiving the help, please let me know. It is not quiet like they tell you at the hospital and you get put off if you don't know what to do!

Blessings and keep recording the miracles! They are the ebeneezer stones that mark this journey as a path that only God could have made possible!

Love, Olivia

Anonymous said...

Dear Brad and Amber, I am so proud of each of you and your strong faith in God and your belief that you were chosen to be Audrey's parents.  May God continue to bless you and your beautiful daughter, Audrey.anita magidson (amy's mom)

Olivia said...

We keep checking to see how sweet Audrey is doing. I am sure she is keeping you busy. Know we are still praying for your family!

Blessings, Olivia

Andy Jones said...

As a parent of a child with SLO, I have been really touched by your blog entries on Audrey, and all the obstacles you and family have overcome. I hope that your resolve remains strong, and that your beautiful daughter's health continues to improve.