Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 19

Today was our first full day together by ourselves. We have been home a week, but everyday either Daddy has been home, Grammy has come over, or we went to the doctor. Even so, we have a pretty good routine down. You always sleep through the night, but you still sleep most all day also. The mornings we don’t go to TCH we lay in bed and cuddle and read books. In the afternoon we do your PT exercises. I have a mat just for you to work out on. You stretch, I show you how to roll on your side, lay on your tummy over a pillow to strengthen your neck, and I massage your arms and legs. You are extra active after a work out! Daddy comes home by 6:00 and he plays with you and keeps you awake until 8:00 when you get a bath, take meds, we read a couple books, say prayers and have you in your bassinet by our bed by 9:00. Mommy tries to get in bed right behind you since I need to wake up again by 11:00. Daddy shoots to be in bed by 9:30 after he washes bottles and gets ready for bed himself. I wake up during the night to care for you since Daddy has to wake up by 4:45—he gives you morning meds at 5:00 and then prepares for his day.

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