Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 13

Remember how I said I didn’t care if you slept? I take that back. Last night was a rough start t home. At 11:00 we gave you meds and hopped into bed. Here was my schedule after that:

12:00—Start your feed


1:30—Turn off feed


3:00—Start feed


4:30—Turn off feed


6:00—Start feed

6:30—Beg Daddy not to go to work today

Clearly this will not work. In between meds and food you fussed. I think you were homesick for your bed in G-Pod. Home is too different—too still, too quiet, and too dark at night. Maybe you knew nurse Kristine was working last night and you missed her—Daddy and I sure did. I was so ready to bring you home yesterday and this morning I wouldn’t have minded taking you back! How those NICU nurses handle four babies at once is beyond me.

So today Daddy stayed home and played with you while I took a morning nap and then got things organized. You have a lot of equipment and supplies that I need to have handy. Daddy also helped me by rearranging all your meds so that I only need to wake up during the night to pump and then feed you. Tonight should be easier than last.

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