Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 24

Friday Aunt Paula flew into town to see you! After I told her how you always slept through the night you went and proved me wrong. That night you were awake from 1:00a to 7:45a. You have never been awake for that long of a stretch…I don’t know how you did it! Daddy had a meeting, so yesterday morning you hung out with Aunt Paula while I slept for a couple hours.

Today was a milestone in that we went to church for the first time since you were born! Aunt Paula, Daddy, you and I all went to Sunday school where you were quiet as a mouse, and then we went to big church. You listened to the music at the beginning, and when things quieted down you had one little fuss. You and I went out into the hall for a few minutes where you quickly fell asleep and we snuck back in for the rest of the service. Then we went to visit the ladies in Grammy’s Sunday school class. They sure do love you!

When Aunt Paula was walking out the door to leave for the airport you started to cry. I think you were sad to see her go...don't worry, I am sure you will see her very soon! She can't get enough of you.

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