Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 12

Welcome home BabyGirl Bowers! (That’s how you were known at the hospital—when you were born the doctors were so surprised you weren’t healthy that in all the excitement they forgot to ask us your name!)

It is still a little surreal that we are back. I wasn’t nervous about a thing in the months leading up to your arrival. Not delivering you, not bringing you home, not taking care of you all day by myself. It wasn’t until after your due date came and went and I realized I should already have a baby at home did it seem real and I started getting a little anxious. Then you were born and I was crushed to have to leave you at the hospital. All I wanted was to bring you home; often I joked about trying to sneak you out in my purse or under Daddy’s shirt. Never did I worry about getting you home--until a couple days ago. One of your NICU neighbors was discharged and for the first time I realized that when it was time to go, parents just pick up their baby and walk out. All of a sudden the anxiety rushed in again. It seemed so unbelievable to me that you, Daddy and I would be able to walk out those double doors without any wires or tubing attached and no nurses stopping us at the door.

But it finally happened today. Nurse Daisy got us all packed up and we tied up a bunch of loose ends, and about 4:00 pm we headed out the door. Mr. Wil is a volunteer at the hospital who holds the babies while their parents are gone and he was always checking on you for us. It was a comfort to me when I wasn’t there to know that there was a chance Wil, or possibly another volunteer, would come comfort and cuddle you. He caught us on the way out the door with a gift for you. He is sweet to spend so much of his free time at the hospital.

When we arrived at the house it was all decorated for your homecoming. Auntie Shelby (she is your silliest aunt by are going to think she is so funny) had written on the driveway, fence, and street starting almost at the beginning of the neighborhood, there were banners, flamingos (my friend Bobbi said “you mean storks?”…nope, flamingos!), balloons, and streamers. We got everything in the house and you slept the evening away. I am not hopeful you will sleep tonight, but I don’t even care. I am just so grateful to be back.

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