Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 15

Today we had our first appointment with your pediatrician. She is a special needs doc and I like her a lot. We were at the hospital from 11:00-6:00. We still spend so much time there I feel like I am only borrowing you from the hospital! We decided your cholesterol med was made wrong and that is why your button got clogged. There were also issues with two other meds, so we through all of them out and started fresh at a different pharmacy.

Honey, Grandpapa, Aunt LeeLee, Aunt Lori, Uncle Shane and your cousins Audra, Fallon, Grace and Frank all went to Hawaii today. You, Daddy and I were supposed to go with them. When we originally planned on going we didn’t know we would have a little tag-along (you). We debated canceling the trip when we found out you were coming, but decided we could still pull it off and have a great time. Now with your colostomy and G-button wounds we didn’t think the circulated air of the plane would be a good idea, plus you are so sensitive to the sun. That rules out most Hawaiian activities. We briefly considered going without you, but that would hurt our hearts too much. We would much rather stay with you. So this week you and I will veg out together and dress like we went anyway—you have some really cute Hawaiian outfits!

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Kira said...

You are too sweet! I love that positive outlook and you should post pics of her in her hawaiian outfits! This semester is heinously busy over here, maybe I should just wear tropical clothes and chill out too!