Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ambulatory EEG

You went in to have an ambulatory EEG done this week. The goal was to catch you doing a “freak-out” so we could see exactly what is going on in your brain during them. So we went in Tuesday morning and began the normal EEG process. After all the electrodes were firmly attached to your scalp, the wires were plugged into a machine pack. This pack was larger than an older style flip phone and was placed on top of your head. All of this was wrapped securely in gauze around your head and under your chin. From the back of the machine came a thick black cord about two feet long, which plugged into another machine, this one larger than the first. This box was to be carried around with you the entire 48 hours.

This is certainly uncomfortable for everybody, but for you especially it was difficult. You have enough issues supporting your own head, but the added weight and balance of the machine really threw you off. I thought we wouldn’t have any problems carrying the box around since we are so used to doing the same with the feeding pump. But the pump gives us about 4 feet leash instead of half that, and it was very tricky trying to keep up with both at the same time. With a cord coming out of your head and another from your tummy, I felt like I was doing a juggling act for two days.
Probably as a blessing in disguise, you became sick Tuesday night. Actually you and I both became sick. Which is very strange since neither of us is ever sick. Except this week. Our throats hurt, we were exhausted and congested and had problems breathing. So Wednesday morning when I woke up feeling terrible, I asked Daddy to stay home. I expected you would need extra attention, not only because you were sick but also from being upset about the box on your head. If it was just you and I, I probably could have managed. We could have stayed in bed and snuggled and rested. But I knew there wasn’t any way I could take care of Liam (who doesn’t slow down for anything) and you while you felt the way you did, and while I felt the way I did.

Daddy sweetly stayed and I slept. When I woke up you were still sleeping. A couple hours later you were still sleeping. You slept until 12:30p which is not like you at all. When you finally woke up, you only lasted a short while before falling back asleep for a nap. I wanted you to feel well, but it was probably for the best that you slept through so much of the EEG. Of course it wasn’t an accurate sampling of a normal day for you and you didn’t do the freak out even once. But without that sleep, I think you would have been miserable.

This morning we headed back to the med center to remove the devices. You and I felt so much better. Our illnesses followed the same timeline, and it was great for me to know exactly how you felt for once—no guess work needed. When everything was taken off, you were left with red indentions on your forehead, and I am sure all over your scalp. I was told by the tech that they would pop back out in a half hour or so. As of now, they are still very visible. I sure hope she is right!

I will have to call the hospital early next week for the results. I hope they got what they needed, because we will not be going through this experience again anytime soon! I love you my tough, tough girl!

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