Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Look how cute you are in your big girl bed. I'll let you in on a secret though. You don't actually sleep in your bed the way you are in this photo. In fact, you look nothing like this. We fold down the blankets and put you in the middle of the bed on your side on top of a burp rag and blocked in by pillows. We have your suction machine nearby on one side, your feeding pump on the other, your foot hooked up to the pulse ox, mittens on, Lambie in the crook of your arm, recieving blanket draped over you. This is more accurate...

I am not sure this is the bedding we will keep. Originally I had decided on the Sparrow Lilac set, however it is a duvet instead of comforter. I would prefer a bedspread since I do make your bed each morning, and I think it would be much easier than trying to fluff the down comforter inside the duvet. But I think this sparrow bedding is precious! And it goes with the colors already in your room perfectly.

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courtney keels said...

i really like the sparrow bedding too...!!!