Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Setting You Straight

Today we went to get fitted for your foot braces. The technician who made your plaster molds warned me that the procedure was uncomfortable and that I should expect you to fuss. I told him I expected you to pleasantly surprise him. And sure enough, you proved me right. Not one little whine out of you throughout the entire process. You are such a brave girl!

I was given a book of patterns and told to pick out a print and strap color. I chose (no shock here) a plain pink mold with pink straps. When the tech told me the straps were “nuclear”, as in super blindingly bright, I was flippant, saying you would only wear them in your stander. He was under the impression you would need to wear them all day, every day. I am going to call Dr. W to see if that is the case, but I am hoping you will pleasantly surprise him again. You have too many cute shoes to wear! Just in case we changed the straps to a soft lilac color.

The braces should be ready in two weeks.

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