Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flower Power

Today we went to Sam’s to stock up on baby supplies. As we were checking out, a very cool looking older man was next to us in line. He was dressed like he was in his 20’s and as friendly as could be. He dropped a bouquet of roses while unloading his cart, and Daddy bent to pick them up. The following dialogue went something like this:

Man: (teasing) For me? (looking at me) Isn’t he sweet?
Me: (joking) Well, it would be sweeter if he was offering them to me!
Man: (to Daddy) Yes, why aren’t you buying her flowers?
Me: Because he is buying me a cart full of diapers and I would rather have those anyway.

You and Liam caught his attention and he flirted with the two of you a bit. We talked a tiny bit more, mainly about you. When Daddy finished checking out, we said goodbye and headed outside. It takes us what seems like forever to do just about anything, and as we were finishing loading you guys up, he walked up and slipped a bouquet of white roses into our empty stroller. He gave a tiny wave and walked off in the opposite direction. How amazingly sweet was that? I think you must have won him over.

I thought about that gesture for the rest of the day. God has grown in me a heart for generosity over the past year or so. But that was just a reminder of how simple it is to love on a complete stranger. It made my day, not because of the flowers, but just because of his kind heart. He must love Jesus. It renews my desire to find ways to give more abundantly, more freely, and more spontaneously.

(I wish I had taken a picture of the roses. I only have this one because Daddy is trying to find a new home for the kitties, and I guess he thought the flowers would increase Misty's chances of being adopted.)

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