Friday, June 4, 2010

Movie Madness

Today I had every intention of taking you to a movie with Aunt Shanna, Kyle and myself while we left brother home with Honey. As I am constantly reminding myself this week, you are a little girl, not a little baby, and a special movie with Mommy sounded like fun. Even though you wouldn’t understand the movie, I thought you would like the bright lights and gross sounds Shrek always delivers. If nothing else you would appreciate the hour and a half cuddling with no interruptions from Bubby. And I had no doubt you would sit quietly and not disturb the other movie-goers. Unfortunately you woke up feeling puny, and were not able to snap out of it before it was time to leave. I was disappointed, but knew that none of us would have a good time with you fighting off nausea. So I promise to try again very soon. I am going to look for a dollar theater to test it out for the first time. Even if we only get to see part of the movie before you become bored, it would be worth it. And then maybe that can be something special you and I do occasionally, just the two of us. And Daddy. We will always invite Daddy.

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