Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sleep Study

Tonight you and Daddy are at the hospital where you are having a sleep study done. Basically, they will hook up an EEG, oxygen and heart rate monitors and video you sleeping all night. We originally had ordered this back in October when you were desating through the night often. But of course, as our timing so often goes, you haven’t had any issues in the last couple weeks. So while I don’t anticipate you doing anything interesting, I hope that something positive results from this.

Liam and I helped you and Daddy get settled, then headed back towards the car. As soon as we both were buckled in, I got this text from Daddy.

“Boo and Sue miss Roo and Two!”

These are our nicknames…I can’t remember if I explained to you how those came about, but I know I told Brother. Click HERE to read that post.

We miss y’all too. It is strange being home without you and not pulling meds, getting milk ready, listening for any signs of throwing up. I got some sweet goodnight kisses and smiles before I left, but it isn’t the same as right before lights out. But I am confident everyone will sleep well tonight. It was lights out at the hospital by 8:00pm. Daddy was looking forward to such an early bedtime. That’s a bad sign when you need to go to the hospital for a good night’s rest.

Off to bed for Mama. I love you and Daddy, and Bubba and I will be there early tomorrow to pick you up and take you both to breakfast!

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