Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Terrific Two!

My big girl is TWO! We decided not to do a party this year. In fact, we hardly even did a family party. This week we are having problems with our A/C, so everyday we leave early in the morning and don't come home until late at night. But no matter. You didn’t know the difference and had a fun day regardless.

This morning you woke up laughing hysterically. I am convinced Jesus was telling you a silly birthday joke. I just sat and listened to you giggle over the monitor for several minutes before I came to join in on the fun. Later today we went to church to decorate for VBS. Honey showed up with these huge balloons for you! You are half the size of one flip-flop! Both you and Brother love them. Some other great gifts you were given from your family were a cute dress with stylish sandals, a beautiful bracelet, a Veggie Tales movie, a new changing pad (after two years yours was smooshed hard as a rock), your bedding, and two new things you can use with your adaptive switch. One is a jungle toy that spins and laughs when you press your button. The other is a desk fan that softly blows on you. You think both are hilarious.

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Wonderful journey and experience!