Saturday, October 17, 2009

Audrey's Nights In

On Wednesday Daddy had a "guy's night out" so you and I stayed home and painted nails. Actually just yours--I can't reach my toes. For the first time I painted your fingernails and they are beautiful! You got Daddy's strong nails.

Then Thursday Mama went to a "girl's night out" and you spent special time with Daddy. He gave you a bath and read you lots of books--he said you especially enjoyed a pop-up book.

The next night Daddy and I went out together, and you stayed home with Grammy. She let you stay up late--till about 10:00. When Daddy and I came home 45 minutes later, you woke up and we used the opportunity to take out your contacts. It was late, and we were tired, but you were not. You called out for us, smiled and were just your usual adorable self. I have such a hard time resisting your huge grin (plus I just missed you), so I was leaning over your crib making you laugh. Daddy was laughing too, but said I was only gearing you up for play instead of sleep, and he ran me out of your room. I thought he was right behind me, but when I turned around in the hall, he was by your crib talking to you and giving you kisses! Which, by the way, is so not fair cause I can't reach you by leaning into your crib since your brother gets in the way!

Neither of us can resist your charms.

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