Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat!

Here you are, on your way to"Trunk or Treat" at our church. Lots of cars line up in the parking lot, decorate their trunks in a cute theme, and all the kiddos walk from car to car collecting candy.

The three of us went in scrubs as a medical family. Daddy was the surgeon, Mommy a doctor, you were our nurse. And the cutest nurse I have ever seen at that! We figured it was a fitting costume, since we spend so much of our time at the hospital. At this point we could all have our medical degrees!

For the first time EVER you wore shoes tonight! Your tiny feet still don't fit in 0-3 month shoes, so you usually wear socks that look like shoes or go barefoot. But tonight, you wore white "nursing" sneakers. We had to keep a close eye on them, because they wanted to slip off, but you didn't seem to mind them at all.

What a sweet girl you are, still so happy after a long, late, almost nap-free day!

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Anonymous said...

Audrey looked so cute at trunk or treat. Will be praying for your family this week as you welcome Audrey's little brother.