Monday, October 26, 2009

Grins and Giggles

You are turning into such a little girl and I love it! These days you are just so active and alert, you talk to me all day long. You don't want to lay on the floor anymore, you want to be up and moving around. I don't blame you. Unfortunately there is no way I can leave you sitting up in one of your chairs unless I am within an arms length away. If you vomit while sitting up, you choke on it until I flip you over. So if I need to get things done, you still have to spend time on the floor. However your head control is improving--maybe it won't be too long until you can sit on your own. You don't think you need to take naps anymore. And the truth is, when you do go all day without a nap, you do just fine. No meltdowns like most babies would have. Always full of smiles and giggles, you definitely have your own sense of humor. The vast majority of the time, whatever you think is funny is something you hear.

Right now the funniest things are:
*Mommy saying, "I am going to eat you up!" and then making slurpy sounds.
*The spoon scraping on the bottom of the yogurt can.
*Tissue paper or plastic bags rustling.
*Daddy's voice on the phone.
*Typing on the keyboard or my phone.
*Telling you how silly you are.
*When Mama says not to pull your hair. I am pretty certain you know what I mean and think it is a game. It is NOT a game.

What is not funny:
*Babies crying.

You are very compassionate and without fail you cry whenever you think someone else is upset. Your sweet bottom lip comes out, tears start flowing, and you are genuinely sad. We will see how that works out when little brother shows up. With the two of you crying, Mommy may be crying, and then Daddy will be sad...we may be a household full of tears for a couple weeks. My hope is that sooner rather than later his fussing will just become background noise for you, and you will decide you don't care so much what that stinky little brother thinks.

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