Friday, October 30, 2009


This evening we worked on sitting up, taking the passy, laying on your stomach and lifting your head--in all of these things you have showed much improvement. Then we began working on saying "Mama". Actually, we have been working on that for awhile, but mainly with your hands. You know how to say "Mama" and "Dada" in sign language and have been very good at it for a couple months. We sometimes call Daddy during the day to check in, and when we do I put him on speakerphone. You have learned to associate the sound of the outgoing ring with Daddy's voice, so before he even answers you have your hand up by your forehead saying his name. You are good at saying Mama too--although since that sign is by your mouth, you often get distracted and start mouthing your hand instead. Still, I always know when you are "calling" me.

What usually happens when I try to get you to talk is either you move your mouth and no sound comes out, or you use your voice but forget to open your lips. You have been so chatty since the shunt surgery, so tonight we worked more than ever on saying the word with your voice and you did so great! Daddy and I were very excited after it was clear you were really understanding and trying. The closest you got was "Ama" which was close enough for me! We would cheer and clap and say, "Yay, Audrey!" and you just looked so proud of yourself. We were proud too!

Out of all areas, you are furthest developmentally when it comes to communication. I am so thrilled, because I have never known whether I would ever hear you speak, or call me by name. After tonight, I am certain we will get there one day. So that is my new project. Working on more words, both with sign and voice. I bet you will be talking up a storm in no time!

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Anonymous said...

How awesome! Soon she may be talking to so much, memories of quiet little Audrey will be in the distant past. Praying for each of you!