Thursday, October 8, 2009

Flying Colors

Oh, my strong girl, you did so good today! Apparently they had a difficult time intubating you again, and I have seen at least a dozen prick marks on just one arm and one leg. But overall things really went well! You were extubated quickly after you woke up and once the Tylenol hit you weren't too uncomfortable. The hospital is just about filled to capacity, so we were fortunate to get our own room. You took a good nap for a few hours, waking up with a lot of mucus. Daddy and I were worried about your breathing. You threw up some blood (trying to intubate so many times made your throat raw) which caused you to wheeze, and each breath took a lot of energy. We tried a breathing treatment to open your airway, but it didn't quite do the trick. A new doctor came in and deep suctioned you--he removed super thick, bloody secretions and then you sounded much better. Hard to breathe with all that in your throat!

Tonight, as we sat in the rocker, you were smiling and laughing at Mama! I don't really know what was so funny, but I was thrilled to see you acting like your normal self. Laughing led to coughing, so I didn't encourage it, but it was so sweet of you to try to convince me you were feeling ok. I am relieved things went according to plan so far. We aren't in the clear--complications could still arise within the next month, and 50% of shunts need revisions within the first two years. But we are off to a great start.

Tomorrow we just hang out in our room all day, keeping an eye on you. Hopefully we go home Saturday!


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I love you girls. Will miss you lots today!